Testing SSD Endurance In RAID Arrays

It would be very impractical and expensive to test SSDs in different RAID setups. Instead this test focuses on the characteristics of each SSD. The results can then be applied to any SSD RAID setup.

Most SSD endurance and SSD longevity tests on the Internet uses TRIM support

TRIM should really be used with any SSD as it increases the performance significantly. But using TRIM is not an option with most hardware and software RAID0/1/10/5/6 setups [1].

To be able to apply the result from our SSD endurance tests to a RAID environments we have disabled the use of TRIM. This will force the SSD's garbage collection to work harder than usual as it will not be able to receive TRIM notifications about reusable space when files are deleted.

In multi user environments or RAID arrays with moderate to high write load it is very important to use SSDs with fast and effective garbage collection algorithms.

A good example would be the Samsung 840 EVO. In a light use environment this SSD has all the speed needed. But once it reaches the point where all empty blocks are used, then the performance drops dramatically. Using these disks in a RAID array will result in a major performance drop when continous heavy writes are beeing performed.

[1] Intel 7-series motherboards and some software RAID solutions supports TRIM in RAID1 setups.

Is this really normal?

No. The tests preformed here must not be confused with normal use. They are designed to stress SSDs and simulate a really busy environment.
Normal workstation use would be more like 10-20GB written daily.

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Failed SSD = Bad SSD?

Don't worry. All drives tested here are perfectly suited for normal use. No doubt.
This SSD test is more about how they fail.
We want to see warnings of imminent failure, not just a sudden death.

Why Test Smaller SSDs?

They use fewer NAND circuits and will wear out faster. Once we know the write endurance of these units, it'll be easy to estimate the equivalent numbers for the larger units.